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Spongy savory steamed cake


Pour ½ cup water to a mixing bowl. Add ½ tbsp ginger paste, green chilli paste, ⅓ tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tbsp oil and 1 tbsp lemon juice.

Stir well until the sugar dissolves. Keep this aside.

Seive 1 cup besan and ¼ teaspoon turmeric.

Sieve them and then add 1 tablespoon fine semolina . Mix everything well.

Pour the spiced water and mix well to a lump-free batter. 

Add more water to make a free flowing yet slightly thick batter. The quantity of water to use depends on the texture of flour.

Beat the batter very well in one direction with your whisk for exactly 50 to 60 seconds.

Dip a spoon and check the consistency. It should not be too runny or too thick but must coat the back of the spoon.

This is the consistency of the batter. It should not be of a ribbon consistency. Keep this aside and prepare the steamer.

Pour 2½ to 3½ cups water to a  pot. Place a steel rack. Cover and bring the water to a rolling boil.

Pour half to 1 teaspoon oil and grease a 5 inch box or a cake pan.

Then add ¾ teaspoon eno & pour 1 spoon water to the dhokla batter.

Quickly mix everything well to incorporate it with the batter. Khaman dhokla batter begins to thicken and turns light.

Immediately pour this to the box or pan.

Place it in the steamer and cover it.

Steam it for 20 mins on a moderately high flame. It has to be steamed constantly for 20 mins.

Pour 1 tablespoon oil to a tadka pan and heat it. Add ¾ teaspoon mustard seeds. When they begin to crackle, add 1 sprig curry leaves and 2 sliced green chilies.

Add 1 tablespoon sesame seeds,  Saute until they crackle. Lastly add ⅛ teaspoon hing, 1 to 2 tablespoons sugar and ¼ teaspoon salt.

Next ½ to ¾ cup pour water. Bring it to a rolling boil and turn off.

Remove the dhokla pan from the steamer and cool it completely. Once cool, using a knife loosen the sides if needed.

Keep a plate over the pan and invert the dhokla to the plate. Cut to squares.

First pour half cup of the tempering water and wait for a while. Then pour the rest.

Cool completely. Garnish with roasted sesame seeds and coconut just before serving.


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