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I’m Swasthi Shreekanth, the person behind Swasthi’s. I live in Singapore with my husband and 2 boys.

Coming from a traditional Indian family, I learnt cooking good Indian food from my Mom & culinary experts in our extended families.

After 2 decades of experience in practical Indian cooking, In 2012 I started this blog to share my recipes that are simple, quick, delicious and healthy.


What started as a small space to share Baby food and kids’ recipes, over the years has grown into a larger community for learning simple & healthy Indian cooking. Kudos to the Readers for making Swasthi’s Recipes one of the Top Indian Food Blogs!


The recipes on this blog reflect my life, as a mom & wife I need delicious meals the whole family will enjoy.

I share only recipes that are tried, tested and cherished by my family. What you see on the blog is what I make for my loved ones – family & friends.

I value our readers’ time above all, so to avoid confusions and failures all the recipes are well written with step by step photos. I also share videos where ever needed or possible.

You can find food recipes for all seasons, every mood and any age group. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced cook, I am sure you will find exciting & practically possible recipes here that will enhance your cooking skills.

if you are new to this blog and do not know where to start, You can check my Latest Indian Recipes here


I am a health freak and a food freak. I believe in eating wholesome foods for a happy mind and healthy body. So you will find lot of whole grain recipes made using Millets, – Ragi, Oats & Quinoa suitable to folks of all age groups including the aged.

Most of the everyday food recipes shared here call for ingredients that are rich, wholesome, & nourishing to the body. Most of these are free from refined or processed ingredients.

I also teach How to cook Restaurant style & Street foods in a healthy way without the use of harmful ingredients like artificial food colours, MSG, Vanaspati & other chemical additives. Most often I also try to minimise the use of refined flours and deep frying where ever possible.


We value our readers trust immensely, so I do not do sponsored content and do not review products. I do not accept any free products nor do I accept any compensation to promote a product.

I do not do affiliate marketing as well. If I have mentioned any products, it is just to help my readers find the right ingredient or product needed for the recipe. I do not have any intentions of promoting the same.

All the content published on this blog including images and text is copy right protected and belongs to Swasthi’s Recipes – indianhealthyrecipes.com . It cannot be reproduced without a written consent.


I appreciate the readers for their valuable time to write reviews, comments & suggestions on Swasthi’s Recipes. They make me happy & are valuable to produce recipes that suit your needs. If you have a specific query on a recipe, it is best to leave it in the comment section of the recipe. That is the quickest way to get my reply.


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