Ragi recipes

Ragi recipes

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Ragi recipesNachni or Ragi is one of the most commonly used millet in Indian cuisine especially in dry regions of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and many other states. Many sources say that it was first cultivated in Hallur of Bagalkot district in Karnataka. Later the cultivation spread to the surrounding areas.

Ragi Recipes

What is Ragi?

Due to the ease of harvesting them with minimum water and no risk of pests, very soon it became one of the popular grain among the poor farmers having dry lands in Karnataka. According to various sources Ragi is one of the staple grains in Karnataka and 53% of the total production in India comes from this state.

ragi finger millet

Ragi is the kannada name to red millet often referred as finger millet in English. They are known as ragulu in telugu, kezhvaragu or keppai in tamil, Nachni in Marthi and Gujarati, Marwa in Bengali & Nepali and mandika in Hindi.

Ragi or nachni is a wonder grain and a power house of nutrition which can provide many health benefits. Being born and brought up in Karnataka, our main diet includes these red millets for our breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I have shared 21 easy ragi recipes using flour, whole grain, semiya and even rava. I am compiling all the recipes here for easy and quick access.


Include this wonder grain in your diet and experience the amazing health benefits. All the ragi recipes are suitable to diabetics and even to babies if eaten in moderation.

Please note that the glycemix Index of ragi is high and also has a good amount of carbs. So it may not be suitable to all diabetics. Eating in moderation along with high protein foods like dal is the key.

21 Ragi recipes or Nachni recipes

For kids
Eggless chocolate ragi cake – Moist, soft and delicious eggless cake that can be made with or without oven.

eggless chocolate ragi cake

Ragi ladoo are a quick, delicious, protein and iron rich balls made of finger millet flour, jaggery, nuts and seeds. These are good to include in kids’ diet for their snack. This recipe uses less then 2 tbsp ghee so they are also suitable to anyone.

ragi ladoo

Eggless ragi biscuit: These are made similar to the karnataka style benne biscuit. They turn very good and delicious.

ragi biscuits

Coconut ragi cookies : This recipe uses eggs but the cookies turn out great, so delicious and crunchy. They can also be served to babies as teething biscuits as there is no soda or baking powder used.

ragi coconut cookies

Ragi recipes for breakfast

Ragi roti is a traditional karnataka style spiced rotti that is eaten mostly for breakfast or a meal. It is served with chutney and kosambari, a vegetable and lentil salad. These are made similar to the Akki Roti.

ragi roti

Ragi dosa: There are 3 ways of making these dosas. I have shared 3 methods : Instant dosa made with flour and another method made with flour and left over dosa batter. Both of these can be made instantly. Serve them with a Chutney or Tiffin Sambar for a breakfast or meal.

ragi dosa

Ragi mudde is a traditional dish made using finger millet flour. It is cooked in water until thick and then a ball is formed. It is eaten with a dal or leafy greens curry.

ragi mudde

Ragi rava upma is a Upma variety that makes an healthy breakfast. It is wholesome and keeps you full for long.

ragi rava

Ragi malt is apt to enjoy for morning breakfast or in the evening as a quick energy booster. In this post I have shared how to make sweet and salted ragi. Sweet one uses milk and salted uses butter milk to enhance the taste.

ragi malt

Ragi idli – This post shares how to make Soft Idli using finger millets.

ragi idli

Ragi recipes for babies & toddlers

Ragi porridge for babies: Learn how to introduce finger millet to your baby or toddler. This post also includes tips on how to use it to gain weight in kids and babies.

Ragi porridge for babies

Apple ragi halwa is another great way of consuming finger millet flour with flavors of apple. It makes a good breakfast or can also be enjoyed in the mid morning or evening. There is no milk used in this recipe.

apple ragi

How to sprout and make finger millet flour at home : Step by step guide to sprout and make flour using whole grains. This can also be used for babies, kids and all. The flour can be used to make malt, porridge, roti, ladoo etc.

ragi flour

More ragi recipes

Ragi ladoo : Sweetened balls made with jaggery, roasted flour, sesame seeds and peanuts. There is a very small amount of ghee used in this recipe. They make a great snack for kids and anyone to enjoy after school or as a mid morning snack.

ragi ladoo

Ragi aloo paratha : Traditional Karnataka style finger millet roti turn out to be slightly hard, but this roti uses aloo or potato to yield soft mouth melting roti. They go great in kids lunch box too.

soft roti recipe

Ragi Semiya recipes : This post has 3 recipes using ragi semiya. The first one is to make sweet. The other 2 are for making the savory versions – upma and curd bath.

semiya payasam

Multigrain roti: A good recipe for folks looking for recipes to loose weight and is also a good food for diabetic.

multigrain roti

Multigrain ladoo: Another ladoo variety using differnt kinds of whole grain flour. Made with palm jaggery and can be consumed by folks trying to loose weight or even by diabetic people.

multigrain ladoo

Ragi halwa: Quick halwa made with flour, jaggery, ghee and cardamom powder.

Ragi recipes

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How to make Ragi Idli?

Can you share ragi modak receipe photos step wise

Hi Swasthi
Do you have any whole Ragi recipes. Can we use Whole Jowar Upma receipe and make Whole Ragi Upma ?

Hi Swasthi,
I want to know more about Ragi. How can I connect you?

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ThankYou For Healthy Recipes

Hi Swasthi
I am amazed at the range of items you have covered in your this article on Ragi recipes.
You are also quite knowledgeable about the food value of Ragi and othr millets. Good .
So acccording to you Ragi was first grown in North Karnataka . But all over the South
it is a millet so very popular among the common people. Not it is getting into the menu
of the elites too. Your this article is therefore very precious and rewarding.
Keep writing such useful recipes from all types of millets for the benefit of all.
Can you recommend millets more suitable for elders/senior citizens without diabetics?

Awesome , so many recipes with ragi, detailed recipes would help better.

Really swasthi,today you made my day, I prepared eggless ragi cookies and the outcome is really tasty,my kids liked them,hearty thanks to you

Hi ! Interesting post . Would like to clarify some para on above post. Want to know if Ragi is good for diabetics ? Your one para says yes and next para says may not be suitable to diabetics . I will copy and paste 2 paras below : Include this wonder grain in your diet and experience the amazing health benefits. All the ragi recipes are suitable to diabetics and even to babies if eaten in moderation.

Please note that the glycemix Index of ragi is high and also has a good amount of carbs. So it may not be suitable to all diabetics. Eating in moderation along with high protein foods like dal is the key.


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