chicken burger

Chicken Burger Recipe

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Chicken Burger recipe for beginners! Make the easiest Chicken Burger at home with my easy step by step guide. Who doesn’t love those juicy & succulent chicken patties fried to perfection? These Chicken burgers are loaded with the best tasting tender chicken patties & dressed with a simple homemade sauce. For a healthier choice you may air fry or oven bake the chicken.

chicken burger recipe

Making burgers at home is easier than you think. All you need is soft burger buns, chicken bread crumbs, flour, spices. sauce, veggies and some lettuce.

To prepare and fry the patty, i have followed the same method shared in the popcorn chicken and fried chicken recipes.

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How to Make Chicken burger (Stepwise Photos)

Brine the Chicken

1. Add ¼ cup of curd / plain yogurt to a large utensil. Add ¾ to 1 cup water. Whisk it well. Add half tsp salt.

brine for chicken

2. Add any spice powders or herbs you like. This is only for flavoring and is optional. I prefer to use ¼ tsp all spice powder. You can even just add half tsp pepper powder.

all spice for chicken brine

3. Wash the breasts thoroughly. If they are very thick then, slice them evenly. I used 3 out of which 2 were thick so i sliced to 4. Together they weighted around 500 grams. Trim to a round shape if you desire but i do not do it.

Add them to the brining liquid and cover the utensil. Rest for overnight or at least 4 hours. This helps to keep the fried chicken juicy and tender. I would not suggest skipping these steps unless you use a meat tenderizer.

slicing meat for chicken burger recipe

4. Add flour to a wide bowl or plate along with very little salt and red chili powder. Mix together and set aside. You can also add your favorite seasonings now.

flours spice powder

5. Break egg to another wide bowl. Add 2 tbsp. water. Beat it well until frothy.

egg mixture in chicken burger recipe

Fry the Chicken Patties

6. Drain the liquid from the chicken completely. Place a breast in the flour and coat it well on both the sides. Alternately you can spread all of them at one time in a wide plate.Coat well with the flour.

Drain the liquid

7. Dip it in the beaten egg.

Dip it

8. Place it on the bread crumbs. Roll it well.

Place it on the bread crumbs

9. Place it in a plate. Repeat this process for all the breasts. Set aside for 5 mins. For one of the patties i added extra spice powders to bread crumbs.

Place it in a plate

10. Heat oil in a pan on a medium high flame. When the oil is hot enough, deep fry them on both sides flipping as needed. Do not fry on a high flame else the patty will turn brown while the meat remains uncooked. Also frying on a low flame will make them hard and chewy. I fried 2 in one batch.

deep fried patties for chicken burger recipe

11. Transfer them to a kitchen tissue.


Assemble the Chicken Burger

12. Slice the burger buns. Toast them. Place the patty over the bun.

Slice the burger buns

13. Place the lettuce, tomatoes and onions (optional)

Place the lettuce

14. Add mayonnaise or hung curd to a bowl. Add mustard, lemon juice, salt and pepper powder. Whisk together with little olive oil. You can also add ketchup if you like.

Add mayonnaise

15. Add that over the tomatoes. Place the other half of the bun. Enjoy chicken burger with a cup of hot tea.

preparing mayo for zinger burger recipe

Hope you will love this chicken burger recipe as much as we do.

zinger burger recipe

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Recipe Card

chicken burger

Chicken Burger Recipe

Make the easiest chicken burger at home from scratch! Tastes delicious with juicy and succlent chicken patties breaded and fried to perfection.
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For best results follow the step-by-step photos above the recipe card

Prep Time4 hours
Cook Time30 minutes
Total Time4 hours 30 minutes
Servings5 to 6 servings

Ingredients (US cup = 240ml )

  • 3 Chicken breasts (sliced to 5 or 6, about 500 grams)
  • ¼ cup plain yogurt / curd (for brine)
  • ¼ tsp all spice powder or pepper powder
  • 1 cup water
  • Salt as needed
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour or rice flour (prefer organic / unbleached/ unbromated )
  • 1 ¼ cup bread crumbs
  • 1 egg (prefer organic)
  • Oil for deep frying
  • 6 burger buns

for sauce or dressing

  • ¾ cup hung curd / greek yogurt or mayo as needed
  • 2 to 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 ½ tsp mustard powder or mustard sauce as needed
  • ½ tsp pepper powder fresh
  • Salt if using hung curd

for assembling

  • 4 to 6 lettuce leaves or as needed
  • Tomatoes deseeded and cut to rings



  • Whisk together yogurt, salt, all spice or pepper powder and water.
  • Wash and slice the breasts if very large. Add them to the buttermilk (yogurt and water).
  • Rest for over night or at least 4 hours in the fridge.
  • Mix together little salt, red chilli powder and flour. Set aside.
  • Beat egg with 2 tbsp water. Set aside.
  • Drain the buttermilk from chicken and place them in the flour and coat them well.
  • Dip in the egg mixture and then roll in the bread crumbs.
  • Allow to rest for 10 mins.
  • Deep fry in hot oil on a medium high heat until golden and cooked completely. Drain them on a kitchen tissue.

How to Make Chicken Burger

  • Slice and toast the bun on a griddle.
  • Place the patty, then lettuce and tomato.
  • Prepare a sauce by stirring mayo or hung curd, mustard powder, olive oil, pepper, salt and lemon juice.
  • Add this generously over the tomatoes. You can also add tomato ketchup. Place the other half of the bun.
  • Serve chicken burger immediately.

Alternative quantities provided in the recipe card are for 1x only, original recipe.

For best results follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips above the recipe card.

NUTRITION INFO (estimation only)

Nutrition Facts
Chicken Burger Recipe
Amount Per Serving
Calories 738 Calories from Fat 234
% Daily Value*
Fat 26g40%
Saturated Fat 4g25%
Cholesterol 125mg42%
Sodium 889mg39%
Potassium 783mg22%
Carbohydrates 78g26%
Fiber 3g13%
Sugar 7g8%
Protein 44g88%
Vitamin A 1621IU32%
Vitamin C 8mg10%
Calcium 223mg22%
Iron 4mg22%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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Chicken Burger Recipe

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