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Diwali Sweets Recipes – A collection of 100 Diwali Recipes. Diwali also known as Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights. It is celebrated on the no moon day (amavasya), that falls in the month Karthika or Karthik. This year Diwali falls on 13th November, 2023. On this day, Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity and Love is worshiped with great devotion and celebrations. It a day that brings light, joy and happiness to our lives. Celebrations include decorating the homes, wearing new clothes, bursting crackers and cooking delicious foods.

Diwali Sweets Recipes like Burfi, jamun, jalebi, ladoo and kaju katli.


Preparing, enjoying and distributing delicious sweets and snacks among family, friends, neighbors and relatives is one of the Indian culture that has been followed from ancient days.

Here is a list of 100+ toothsome foods that includes Diwali sweets recipes. You can also check this complete list of 150 Indian sweets recipes.

Diwali sweets recipes include popular bengali sweets like kalakand, rasgulla, rasmalai, chum chum, sandesh, chocolate sandesh. All time favorites like gulab jamun, peda, burfi varieties, kaju katli, halwa varieties, kesari varieties, kheer or payasam recipes.

More than 30 varieties of easy ladoo recipes are also included. Milk, flour, mawa/ khoya, sugar/ jaggery, semolina and ghee form the base of the most delicious Indian sweets.

A very Happy, Safe and Prosperous Diwali Wishes to all the readers and dear friends celebrating this festival of lights. May this Diwali bring in lot of joy, prosperity and peace to all our lives. 🙂

Over the years the entries on this page have grown, so for the convenience of readers I have moved the Diwali snacks recipes here.

Besan Burfi Recipe
A festive Indian sweet made with gram flour, sugar and cardamoms. Besan barfi is a popular and traditional North Indian sweet.
complete recipe

Diwali Sweets Recipes

1. Jalebi Recipe – Jalebi is a spiral shaped fried sweet that is crispy and juicy. This post shares 2 methods of making jalebi. Traditional method & the instant method. Try out this recipe this Diwali and surprise your family!!

diwali sweets recipes jalebi

2. Gulab Jamun Recipe Gulab jamun is a popular classic Indian Sweet that brightens up your festive menu. The recipe shared in this post guides you to make soft gulab jamuns that taste delicious. This recipe uses milk powder instead of khoya or mawa and is easy to prepare even by beginners.

diwali sweets recipes - gulab jamun

3. Rasgulla RecipeRasgulla is a soft, spongy and delicious dessert made of curdled milk and sugar syrup. It is a popular dessert from West Bengal & Odisha. This post will help you to make white rasgullas that are light, juicy, spongy and soft.

diwali sweets rasgulla

4. Coconut Burfi Recipe Coconut burfi is a simple festive sweet made of coconut, milk and sugar. The recipe does not call for a string consistency so it is a quick one that can be made even by beginners.

diwali sweets recipe - coconut burfi

5. Kaju Katli also known as Kaju burfi, is a simple thin Indian fudge made of cashew nuts and sugar. This recipe will help you to make the best kaju katli that has a mouth melting texture.

kaju katli

6. Rasmalai Recipe Rasmalai is yet another popular Bengali sweet delicacy made with paneer or chenna discs. These discs are cooked in sugar syrup first to make them soft and spongy. Later served with chilled thickened milk. Make the best, soft and mouth melting delicious rasmalai this Diwali. I have 2 recipes in this post – one made the traditional way from scratch and the other an instant version with store bought rasgullas and condensed milk.


7. Besan Ladoo are delicious sweet balls that are mostly made during festivals & occasions. These are made from gram flour, sugar, cardamom powder, nuts and ghee. Learn to make the best besan ladoos that are full of aroma, non-sticky and do not turn flat.

besan ladoo

8. Rava Ladoo – Rava ladoo or suji ladoo is a most basic sweet made with semolina, sugar and ghee. This is an Andhra style recipe that take less than 30 mins. The ladoos come out with a delicious aroma and crunch.

rava laddu

9. Khoya Gulab Jamun – The traditional version of gulab jamun made with khoya (mawa) or milk solids. This post shares the recipe along with video to make perfect jamuns that are firm yet soft, delicious and juicy.

khoya gulab jamun

10. Kalakand Recipe Kalakand made in 10 minutes with condensed milk and paneer. Traditionally kalakand is made by simmering milk for hours until a thick grainy texture is achieved. This is a short cut recipe to make moist, juicy and soft set kalakand with a delicious flavour and great texture.


11. Milk Powder Burfi is made with milk, sugar and milk powder under 25 minutes. It tastes similar to the mawa burfi. This recipe makes for a soft and delicious barfi that does not turn chewy. These make for a lovely gift and is easy to make in larger quantities.

12. Soft Ghee Mysore Pak as the name suggests is made with pure ghee, gram flour and sugar. This sweet treat is a melt-in-the-mouth super delicious sweet you can make this Diwali. This recipe takes about 30 minutes and is a beginners recipe.

13. Phirni is a simple North Indian pudding made with ground rice, milk, cardamoms and saffron. This is quick, easy & is a one pot dessert. This can be served as an after meal dessert in your Diwali meal.

14. Fruit custard is a eggless dessert made with custard powder or corn starch, milk and fresh fruits. Fruit custard makes for a great dessert during Diwali celebrations. All you need is fresh sweet tasting seasonal fruits.

Fruit custard

15. Coconut ladoo recipe using coconut and sugar, made the traditional way for festivals and celebrations. These taste delicious and are super quick to make under 30 mins. These can also be made with jaggery just skip the milk.

Coconut ladoo recipe

16. Mysore pak recipe Mysore pak is a well-known age old classic sweet dish that was invented in the Royal kitchen of the Mysore Maharaja. It is made with gram flour, sugar and a generous amount of ghee. This recipe yields mysore pak that has a delicate crumb with a mouth melting texture and a unique aroma.

Mysore pak

17. 7 cups burfi recipe 7 cups burfi is also known as 7 cup sweet or 7 cup cake as it is made with 7 measures of ingredients. This is a modified recipe and is made with reduced amount of sugar. This recipe needs no string consistency so it is easy even for beginners. But takes some time to prepare.

7 cups burfi

18. Malpua recipe Malpua are sweetened pancakes made during Diwali, Navratri and Holi. This post will show you how to make malpuas – thick or thin to suit your taste and liking. Malpuas are dipped in sugar syrup and garnished with pistachios. They can also be served with rabri or rabdi.

diwali sweets recipes malpua

19. Rava kesari is a popular south Indian breakfast dessert made of semolina, ghee and sugar. Rava meaning semolina and kesari refers to saffron color. It can also be made for naivedyam or prashad during puja. This recipe will give you a perfect non sticky and mouth melting rava kesari.

rava kesari

20. Peda is a traditional sweet made by simmering full fat milk until thick and then sweetened with sugar and flavored with cardamom powder. In this post I have shown a cut short method to make quick doodh peda using mawa and sugar. The recipe takes about just 15 mins.


21. Badam burfi is a delicious Indian almond fudge that is made with almonds or almond flour and sugar. These are almost similar to the kaju katli but with all the goodness and flavor of almonds. Badam burfi makes a great dessert to gift during festive occasions and celebrations.

22. Carrot halwa or gajar ka halwa is a classic sweet dish from Indian cuisine made with carrots, sugar and milk. This recipe shares with you the traditional way of making North Indian gajar ka halwa.

Carrot halwa or gajar ka halwa

23. Rava burfi is another delicious sweet that you can try this Diwali. Made with semolina, sugar, ghee, milk and coconut, rava burfi tastes delicious with a milky aroma.

Rava burfi

24. Shankarpali or sweet diamond cuts is a traditional sweet snack made with flour, ghee, sugar and cardamom powder. These are a kids’ favorite snack & are made during festivals & holidays.


25. Puran poli also known as bobbatlu, holige or obbattu is a sweet stuffed flatbread made with whole wheat flour. The stuffing is made with jaggery, dal and cardamom powder. These are a special sweet dish prepared during Diwali.

puran poli

26. Karanji is also known as kajjikayalu, karjikai in south Indian states. These are sweet stuffed snack made by deep frying. These are a kids’ favourite sweet snack and are made during festivals and kids’ school holidays.


27. Cham cham sweet or chom chom is a sweet variation to the bengali rasgulla. These are usually made colorful with fancy stuffings and are one popular sweets sold in sweet shops during festive occasions.

Cham cham sweet

28. Basundi is a dessert made with full fat milk, sugar and cardamom powder. This is a quick recipe of basundi using condensed milk. You can serve it with puri or as a chilled dessert or as an after meal desert. It is garnished with nuts.


29. Sandesh or sondesh is a popular Bengali sweet made during festivals. It is made by curdling milk to chenna and then sweetened with powdered sugar. In this post I have shown how to garnish Sandesh with toppings to make them colorful.


30. Rabri is a North Indian sweet dessert made by thickening milk and sugar. Then it is chilled and garnished with nuts. Rabri is usually served on its own or with malpuas, gulab jamun, shahi tukra or jalebi.

31. Chocolate burfi is made using milk solids called as khoya or mawa and cocoa powder. These have been a kids’ favourite at home every Diwali. Do try this if you have kids home.

Chocolate burfi

32. Lauki Halwa is a simple and festive dessert made with bottle gourd aka lauki, milk, sugar and cardamoms. This makes for a great after-meal dessert. My recipe helps you make a delicious lauki halwa that does not split while cooking.

lauki halwa

33. Dry gulab jamun can be made with any kind of gulab jamuns you have. All you need to do is just remove them from the syrup and garnish. These bite sized dessert are great to enjoy during festive season.

gulab jamun

Diwali Sweets Recipes – Easy Ladoo Recipes

34. Boondi ladoo is a traditional sweet made with gram flour, ghee and sugar. I have shared the recipe of Tirupati boondi ladoo. These are good to make during Diwali or any celebrations and can also be offered during Lakshmi puja.

boondi ladoo

35. Dry Fruit Laddu makes a guilt free snack for people of all age groups. Dry fruit ladoo recipe uses no added sugar.

Dry fruit laddu

36. Gond ladoo is a North Indian sweet enjoyed during the winters. Made of edible gum, wheat flour, ghee, nuts and jaggery these are delicious with amazing health benefits. Make these this Diwali for your loved ones.

Gond ladoo

37. Thambittu unde are traditional ladoos from Karnataka cuisine. These are made for festivals and are also offered during the Pooja.

Thambittu unde

38. Maladu also known as maa laddu is made using fried gram, sugar and ghee. A quick delight whenever you crave for a sweet. These make a great treat to share with friends. You can also gift these as they can be made easily.

Maladu laddu

39. Shrikhand Recipe: Shrikhand is a traditional sweet dessert made with thick yogurt, saffron, cardamoms, milk and sugar. It is garnished with nuts. This makes a great after meal dessert and can also be made with store bought yogurt.

40. Kova ladoo is popular delicacy from Andhra cuisine known as kova kajji kajjikaya. These are mawa ladoo stuffed with sweetened coconut balls. This is a beginners recipe and can be easily made at home.

Kova ladoo

41. Coconut ladoo with condensed milk is a 10 mins recipe that yields you a delicious party treat. These bite sized coconut ladoos are addictive and will light up your festive menu. These also make for a great gift.

coconut ladoo

42. Bandar laddu is a traditional sweet from Andhra cuisine. It is made with gram flour, ghee and sugar. Bandar ladoo is most commonly made during special occasions. This recipe will help you to make the ladoos that taste authentic.

Bandar laddu

40. Badam ladoo are made with almonds, jaggery/sugar and other basic ingredients. You can make them with whole almonds or store bought almond flour.

Badam ladoo

41. Ragi ladoo recipe also known as nachni ladoo, these are made with roasted ragi flour, jaggery, nuts and seeds, using less ghee. These make a great snack for kids and grown ups alike.

ragi ladoo

42. Dates laddu Healthy dates and nut balls made under 15 minutes. These are a simpler version of the dry fruits ladoo and made in a small batch.

dates ladoo

43. Malai ladoo is a milk based sweet made with full fat milk and sugar. This has a moist and melt in the mouth texture similar to the kalakand. It also tastes similar to instant kalakand. This can be made ahead and stored well for 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator. Malai ladoo makes for an amazing dessert in your diwali menu.

malai ladoo

44. Peanut ladoo are crunchy peanut balls that are healthy and delicious tasting. I have 2 variations in this post. You can also add a bit of roasted poha for crunch or rolled oats for a healthier twist.

peanut ladoo

45. Sesame seeds ladoo – Healthy til ke ladoo or Sesame seeds ladoo with jaggery and peanuts.

46. Ragi laddu recipe using jaggery (finger millet flour Balls) Finger millet or red millet sweet balls made with unrefined sweetener, coconut,peanuts and sesame.

47. Aval laddu or poha ladoo are sweet balls made from flattened rice or poha, jaggery and ghee. These can be eaten as a snack and can also be offered during puja.

48. Oats dry fruits ladoo – If you are on a weight loss diet these are amazing to try as they are made with oats, dry fruits and nuts. There is no sugar or jaggery used in the recipe.

49. Oats sesame ladoo are another great treat to enjoy if you are looking for a guilt free sweet. Made with jaggery, sesame and oats these are healthy and taste delicious.

50. Moong dal ladoo are sweetened lentil flour balls usually made for festivals. These are high in protein and are great for anyone looking to include more protein in the diet.

51. Coconut oats laddu made with jaggery, rolled oats and coconut.

52. Atta ladoo are sweet balls made of whole wheat, sugar and ghee. You can also make these with jaggery.

53. Walnut ladoo made with no ghee, no sugar healthy sweet.

54. Sunnundalu recipe with sugar or jaggery – Sunnundalu or minapa sunnundalu are a festive delight made in Andhra Pradesh for most festivals. They are made of urad dal, sugar and ghee. These ladoos are high in protein and fats.

Diwali sweets recipes – Payasam or kheer

56. Rice payasam recipe Rice payasam or paramannam is a pudding that is prepared with rice, cow’s milk, ghee and sugar or jaggery. It is also called as annam payasam, ksheerannam or bellam paramannam if prepared using jaggery. It is prepared during festivals to offer it to the Gods as naivedyam.

Rice payasam

57. Rice kheer is a Indian pudding made with milk, rice and sugar. It is garnished with nuts. This is a dessert made on occasions and celebrations.

Rice kheer

58. Badam kheer or almond kheer is a Indian pudding made of blanched and ground almonds. This is great to enjoy as a after meal dessert.

Badam kheer

59. Sweet pongal is a south Indian traditional dish also known as chakkara pongali or sakkarai Pongal. It is made of rice, moong dal, ghee and jaggery. It is prepared during festivals and auspicious occasions to offer as naivedyam.

Sweet pongal

60. Semiya payasam is a popular Andhra style easy to make pudding with vermicelli, milk and sugar. This is a recipe for beginners and newbies.

 Semiya payasam

61. Aval payasam or Atukula payasam or Aval payasam is a simple pudding made with flattened rice or beaten rice flakes. It is the made the traditional way using jaggery, ghee and nuts.

Aval payasam for diwali sweets

62. Oats kheer is an Indian style oatmeal milk pudding garnished with nuts and ghee.

Oats kheer

63. javvarisi payasam or sago, sagibiyyam payasam or kheer is made with tapioca pearls, milk, jaggery or sugar and ghee.

javvarisi payasam

64. Wheat rava payasam made with godhuma rava, milk and jaggery.

diwali sweets recipes wheat rava payasam

65. Bellam paramannam also called as payasam in some parts of andhra is a festive delight made by simmering moong dal, rice and milk. It is sweetened with jaggery.

Bellam paramannam

66. kaddu ki kheer or pumpkin payasam is a simple, quick and delicious pudding made with golden pumpkin.

Senaga pappu payasam

67. Custard Ice Cream with custard powder: Eggless custard ice cream made without ice cream machine, without eggs and without condensed milk. This is a wonderful treat for any occasion.

68. Coconut Jaggery Ladoo: Also known as kobbari louz in Telugu, this is a easy and healthy sweet treat you should make this Diwali. This recipe uses only fresh or frozen coconut, jaggery and cardamom powder.

69. Moong dal payasam also known as pasi paruppu payasam or pesara pappu payasam is a traditional sweet dish made using moong dal. This recipe can be made using coconut milk or regular milk.

Diwali sweets recipes – Halwa

70. Dates halwa or burfi is a quick, delicious, rich and healthy festive dessert. No sugar is added to this and is sweetened with dates. Great to enjoy during festive fastings.

Dates halwa

71. Orange kesari is a variation to the rava kesari or suji ka halwa made with orange juice instead of water.

Orange kesari

72. Milk rava kesari or paala kesari is a south Indian pudding made with milk, semolina, sugar and clarified butter.

73. Suji ka halwa is a simple Indian sweet prepared with semolina/ rava, sugar and ghee.

74. Moong Dal Halwa made with skinned split yellow dal or green gram dal, ghee and sugar. The recipe shared in this post is from Rajasthani cuisine often made during festivals like Diwali & holi.

moong dal halwa

75. Fruit kesari is a semolina pudding made with mixed fruits and nuts. This is great to enjoy as an after meal dessert.

Fruit kesari

76. Pineapple sheera or pineapple halwa is a sweet dessert from Karnataka cuisine. It is usually eaten as a breakfast dessert and is mostly served in tiffin centres.

Pineapple sheera

More recipes

77. Badam halwa or almond halwa is an Indian dessert prepared with ground almonds, sugar and milk. It is a festive delight and is great to include in a special meal. I have the stovetop and instant pot instructions for this recipe.

badam halwa

78. Gajar ka halwa with milkmaid or condensed milk
– A short cut method to making traditional carrot halwa using condensed milk and fresh grated carrots. This can be made in a jiffy if you have both these ingredients.

Gajar ka halwa with milkmaid or condensed milk

79. Banana sheera or banana halwa is an Indian dessert that is offered to the Gods or deities during Ganesh puja, Varalakshmi Vratham, Lakshmi Puja and for Satyanarayana puja.

Banana sheera

80. Papaya halwa is a dessert prepared with papaya. It can be made with ripe or raw papaya.

Papaya halwa

81. Moong dal jaggery halwa is a healthy dessert made with yellow dal and jaggery.

Moong dal jaggery halwa

82. Pumpkin halwa or kaddu ka halwa is made with golden pumpkin and sugar.

Pumpkin halwa

83. Semiya kesari or vermicelli kesari is a south Indian dessert made similar to the rava kesari.

Semiya kesari

84. Bread halwa is a delicious dessert from hyderabadi cuisine usually served as a after meal dessert. This is a good way to use up your left over bread.

Bread halwa

Diwali sweets recipes – burfi recipes

86. Peanut Chikki is a traditional sweet snack made with roasted peanuts & jaggery. This recipe shows you how to make perfect chikki at home.

Peanut Chikki

87. Anjeer barfi is figs and dates fudge that can be made in just 20 minutes. Healthy and delicious treat made without any additional sweetener.

 Anjeer barfi

88. Gajar kalakand is an innovative, delicious & rich dish made using condensed milk and carrots.

Gajar kalakand

89. Mawa barfi

90. Almond burfi recipe with jaggery – Delicious barfi made using almonds and jaggery.

More Recipes

92. Poornam boorelu are sweet stuffed deep fried balls that are offered to Goddess Lakshmi and Durga . These are also prepared during most festivals and special occasions in Andhra pradesh. Burelu are also called as suziyan in other parts of south India.

Poornam boorelu

93. Pala thalikalu is a traditional payasam recipe made with handmade rice noodles.

diwali sweets palathalikalu

94. Coconut barfi with mawa is another most commonly found sweet in the sweet shops. This has a rich taste and texture that comes from the mawa or khoya. It is good to make this when you have some mawa left after making a recipe.

Coconut barfi with mawa

95. Instant sweet paniyaram made with whole wheat flour, jaggery and coconut.

Instant sweet paniyaram

96. Shahi tukda is a delicious dessert from Hyderabadi cuisine. It is made of bread, milk, sugar and a generous amount of nuts.

Shahi tukda

97. Kulfi Recipe : Kulfi needs no introduction! It is an all-time favorite and everyone loves it. This fast kulfi recipe helps you to make delicious & creamy kulfi at home which you also include in your Diwali menu as a dessert.


98. Falooda Recipe: This homemade version of falooda is easy if you have all the ingredients ready. Serve it as a snack dessert or a after meal dessert in smaller portions.

99. Sweet murukku are a traditional sweet made using plain murukku and jaggery syrup. You will find this as recipe 2 in my butter murukku recipe

Sweet murukku for diwali sweets

100. Ragi halwa is a delicious healthy and nutritious dessert made with ragi flour, coconut, sugar and ghee

ragi halwa
diwali sweets recipes

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