Bread Recipes for Snacks & Breakfast

25 Bread Recipes for Snacks & Breakfast

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Bread recipes for snacks & breakfast – Most of us often prefer making something with bread either for breakfast or snack as they are fairly easy & quick to make. Sometimes we end up having surplus bread and do look for simple ideas to use it up. In this post I have compiled together 25 delicious bread recipes that can help you use up your bread. Most of these can be made for breakfast or snack.

Bread Recipes for Snacks & Breakfast

So far I have shared about 60 recipes using bread but I have kept this post short by compiling only 25 of them here.

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Bread Recipes for Snacks and Breakfast

1.Veg mayonnaise sandwich is a delicious & creamy vegetarian sandwich made with mayo, fresh veggies, some herbs & spices. It just takes about 10 to 15 mins to prepare. These can be made ahead and refrigerated for later use.

veg mayo sandwich in bread recipes

2. Garlic cheese toast is a popular bread snack made with butter, garlic & mozzarella cheese. This post will help to know the right proportions of garlic, butter & cheese to make a great tasting garlic bread.

garlic cheese toast

3. Veg sandwich made with mixed vegetable. This sandwich is made without any sauces, chutney or cheese. I have made this on a tawa in the simplest way without using a grill, toaster or oven. These sandwiches are great for beginners as they are the most simplest. However you can also grill them in a sandwich toaster. You can also check this collection of 16 Veg Sandwich Recipes

vegetable sandwich recipe

4. Bread upma is a upma variety that is most commonly found on the menus of South Indian Tiffin centers & restaurants. This just takes about 15 mins and is a good choice to make when you want to use up the excess bread. I have shared just the basic version here but you can also add some veggies like carrots, peas & potatoes. You may like to check similar upma recipes like
Rava upma
Oats upma

bread upma

5. Bread pakora is a popular street food and is eaten for breakfast or snack. These are stuffed with spiced potatoes but can also be made plain. Bread pakora make a good tea time snack and are great to enjoy with Green chutney or Pudina mint chutney. You may like to check similar pakora recipes
Vegetable pakora
Paneer pakora

bread pakora recipe

6. Bread vada is another snack which can be made either by deep frying or baking in oven. These are made with mixed vegetables, bread slices, herbs & spices. These are good to serve with any spicy chutney or sauce like this Schezwan sauce. This recipe is an instant version and there is no blending or grinding involved as we do for
Medu vada
Masala vada

bread vada snack recipe

7. Bread pizza is loved by many as it is a super quick one to make & enjoy the flavors of pizza but with bread as the base. I have shared both the ways of baking this bread pizza – on stove top using tawa & in oven. You may also like to check
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bread pizza

8. Bread rolls make an amazing party snack. These rolls can be shallow fried, pan fried or baked in oven. These are stuffed with spiced potatoes but can be replaced with any stuffing of your choice. Variations of these are Paneer rolls stuffed with spiced paneer and peas. You can also stuff with this Egg bhurji.

bread rolls

9. Egg bread toast is one of the most popular street food of India. These taste super delicious & can be made under 10 mins. Egg toast can be served for breakfast or for evening snack.

egg toast recipe

10. Bread besan toast is a vegetarian version of the egg toast. This recipe uses gram flour aka besan instead of egg. These turn out very flavorful and delicious. Great to enjoy with a cup of evening tea.

besan bread toast

More Bread Recipes for Snacks

11. Capsicum cheese toast is another variation made with capsicum or bell peppers, herbs and cheese. These can be made either in the oven or on tawa / griddle. You can also make these as capsicum cheese sandwiches.

capsicum cheese toast

12. Bread masala is similar to the bread upma but this one is made with spicy onion tomato masala. The spice levels are higher in this dish due to the addition of garam masala. You can use any kind of bread to make this including pavs or buns.

masala bread masala

13. Cheese sandwich are kids’ favorite and these make a good cheesy after school snack. This is made the most basic way using only cheese, herbs & chili flakes. These bread sandwiches can be made on a griddle or in a toaster or oven. I have shared all the methods in this post.

cheese sandwich

14. Avacado or guacamole toast is one of the most delicious ways to enjoy your avacados. This recipe also shares how to make the best guacamole. You can make these with any kind of bread you have including pav or buns or even with french baguette.

guacamole sandwich recipe

15. Paneer cheese toast makes a amazing snack for all the cheese lovers. This 2 cheese toast is great on flavors & super addictive in taste. If you have kids home, this is a must try as they will surely be excited to enjoy these.

paneer toast recipe

16. Bread omelette is one more street food from India. If you love eggs & bread this may be your new favorite. Try it out to check how easy this is and you can make better than the street bread omelette.

bread omelette sandwich recipe

17. Paneer sandwich is one of the much loved bread recipes on the blog. This recipe needs no sauce or chutney as it turns delicious on its own. I have shown how to make this on a tawa but can easily be made even in a toaster.

paneer sandwich

18. Potato toast sandwich is a spicy, hot toast made with potatoes and spice powders.

potato sandwich

19. Grilled sandwich is made with sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, onions & green chutney. These are light and can be made quickly if you have some green chutney in hand. A variation of these are the popular
Bombay sandwiches made without grilling.

veg grilled sandwich

Bread Snacks Recipes With Egg

20. French toast is a classic breakfast made with eggs, milk, sugar and bread slices. This post shares tips & tricks to make the best french toast. Here is a quick Egg in a hole or sunny side up toast for kids’ snack or breakfast.

french toast recipe

21. Mayo boiled egg sandwich made with boiled eggs, mayo, herbs & spice.

Bread Snacks Recipes With Curd or Cream Cheese

All the below bread recipes can also be made to simple open toast sandwiches in oven or toaster. Just toast the bread and spread the filling.

22. Tomato cucumber finger sandwiches are great to have for evening tea. You can use either mayo, cream cheese or hung curd (greek yogurt for the dressing). A variation of these are these Yogurt sandwiches or curd sandwich made with hung curd or greek yogurt & veggies. These are great for those who are not accessible to cream cheese or mayo.

tomato cucumber sandwich

23. Hot garlic mushrooms on bread toast

mushroom sandwich recipe

Sweets Made With Bread

24. Shahi tukda is a royal traditional dessert from the Hyderabadi cusine made by toasting bread in ghee. Topped with a generous amount of nuts this dessert is mostly eaten on occasions in a meal.

shahi tukda

25. Bread halwa is another sweet dish made by cooking bread in a generous amount of ghee & milk. It is then sweetened and garnished with nuts. This is also a popular dessert in South India.

bread halwa

Finally here are 4 recipes using pav bread
Pav bhaji
Masala pav
Vada pav
Misal pav

25 Bread Recipes for Snacks & Breakfast

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