coconut recipes

Coconut recipes | 30 Easy coconut recipes using fresh & dry coconut

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Coconut recipes – Collection of 30 easy coconut recipes using fresh and dry coconut. Fresh coconut is one of the most basic and essential fruit or seed that is commonly used in cooking across the globe. Coconut in any form if consumed in moderation is healthy and said to rejuvenate the mind and body.

coconut recipes

I have shared lot of recipes on this blog that use coconut, but I have mentioned only a few recipes here in which coconut is the main ingredient. These recipes share 10 easy ways to include fresh and dry coconut in your everyday diet. All the coconut recipes are very simple and can be tried even by beginners.

Coconut recipes with rice

Coconut rice recipe is a simple tempered rice dish made using fresh grated coconut and other basic ingredients from Indian cuisine. Mildly flavored with the aroma of curry leaves, ginger and dals, this rice tastes delicious and can be served alone or with some gravy, curd, papad or pickle. However most people enjoy this with a vegetable gravy or a kurma curry.

coconut rice

Coconut milk rice or coconut milk pulao is made with coconut milk and one can find many recipes of this dish. Some make it with chana dal, some with mixed veggies or using dry fruits alone. This is mostly served with some gravy side dish.

coconut milk rice

Pudina rice with coconut – Mint and coconut make a great combo. this one pot meal is great to make any time for a meal. It can be served with a gravy or curry.

pudina rice

Coconut oats

Coconut oats recipe – Healthy and delicious rolled oats recipe for breakfast or a meal. Serve it alone or with plain yogurt.

coconut oats recipe

Coconut recipes – chutney varieties

Coconut chutney is a basic simple Indian dip made with fresh coconut, green chilies, salt and cumin. Traditionally this was made in a stone mortar and a hand pestle. In the modern days this is made using electric blenders. Coconut chutney is served mostly with South Indian breakfasts like idli, dosa, khara pongal and upma. There are many variations of making this, some of these have been shared in this coconut chutney recipes post.

coconut chutney

Coconut mint chutney is one of the best combos to make a chutney. This chutney tastes great with any snacks, breakfast foods like idli, vada and dosa. It can also be used as a sandwich spread.

mint chutney

Mango chutney with coconut to serve with snacks and breakfast foods.

mango chutney with coconut

Coconut recipes – ladoo varieties

Coconut ladoo are traditional South Indian sweet balls made using fresh coconut, sugar or jaggery, cardamom powder and milk. These are mostly made during festivals and celebrations.

coconut ladoo

Condensed milk coconut ladoo – These are made with just 3 ingredients – Desiccated coconut, condensed milk and cardamom powder. These are very quick to make and can be a wonderful treat to your friends and guests.

condensed milk coconut ladoo

Copra ladoo – These are made with dried coconut,jaggery and cardamoms. These energy balls are rich in calcium and iron. They are great for growing kids, pregnant women and lactating mothers.

copra ladoo recipe

You can also more versions of these ladoos using coconut
Kobbari louz
Kova kobbari ladoo
Rava ladoo
Aval or poha ladoo
Ragi ladoo

Coconut recipes – Burfi recipes

Coconut burfi is another sweet recipe which was traditionally made by evaporating milk for long and then adding sugar & coconut. Then flavored with green cardamoms and nuts. There are so many versions of making this burfi based on the region.

coconut barfi

Mawa coconut burfi – This tastes close to the traditional version.

coconut mawa burfi

7 Cups burfi

7 cups burfi

Rava Burfi

rava burfi

Coconut recipes – curry varieties

Kurma recipe : Kurma is a South Indian gravy dish made with spices, fresh coconut and a main ingredient. It can be made with mix vegetables, or a single vegetable, chicken, fish and even with egg. You may like to check potato kurma, chicken kurma & Egg kurma

kurma recipe

Poriyal, Thoran & Vepudu are South Indian basic vegetable stir fry recipes made with fresh coconut. These recipes are made with almost every vegetable and are very simple to make. These are prepared often in South Indian homes to accompany their meal along with Sambar or Rasam.


More coconut recipes

Chocolate coconut cake made with desiccated coconut, cocoa & other basic baking ingredients. This cake has been one of our family favorites for years. It tastes delicious, moist and light due to the addition of eggs.

chocolate coconut

Coconut Oreo ice cream: Delicious & flavorful ice cream recipe made with Oreo cookies and coconut cream.

coconut oreo ice cream

Tender coconut fig smoothie is a delicious, creamy and healthy smoothie recipe. This can also be made using any seasonal fruit.

coconut fig smoothie
coconut recipes

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