chocolate sponge cake

Chocolate sponge cake

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Chocolate sponge cake – Light, fluffy & soft chocolate sponge cake that makes a good base for decorated or frosted cakes. Sponge cakes are usually made of eggs, fats, flour & sugar. The eggs are beaten well to give a fluffy, soft & aerated texture to the cake. There are a few different methods used to make sponge cakes across the world.

chocolate sponge cake

The method shown in this post is simple to follow. The key to this chocolate sponge cake is to beat the eggs well until a ribbon consistency is achieved. This chocolate sponge cake is great to use as a base for black forest cake.

I baked this cake a month ago to make a black forest cake but ended up frosting it with melted chocolate which turned out to be very good. I have shared the details of the same in the recipe card. You can use this cake to decorate and make a Black forest cake.

If you have a stand mixer, do use it. I used my hand mixer and felt it was an arm work as beating the eggs until ribbon consistency takes some time.

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Preparation for chocolate sponge cake

Ensure all the ingredients are at room temperature.

1. Place a sieve over a mixing bowl. Add cocoa.

Add cocoa

2. Add flour, salt & baking powder.

Add flour

3. Sieve the flour.

Sieve the flour

4. Mix all of them well.


Beating eggs

5. Break 2 eggs to a large mixing bowl.

Break 2 eggs to a large mixing bowl

6. Add 1 more egg yolk. I used up the egg white to make an omelet.

Add 1 more egg yolk

7. Add sugar.

Add sugar

8. Begin to beat the eggs on a slow then on a high speed.

beat the eggs

9. The eggs will begin to froth up and thicken. The color of the eggs changes to pale or light yellow and then to white. Pour vanilla at this stage.

The eggs will begin to froth up and thicken

10. After beating for about 9 mins mine reached a ribbon consistency. But I suggest not to go by the time as it depends on several factors. Recheck for ribbon consistency. When you lift the whisk, the egg mixture should be thick & fall like a ribbon. Do not proceed further until you reach this stage.

ribbon consistency

11. Pour oil in a slow stream while you continue to beat the eggs. Do not over beat, just beat until oil is well incorporated with the egg mixture.

Pour oil to make chocolate sponge cake

Making batter

12. Sprinkle half of the flour. Gently incorporate this with a whisk just until combined. Do not beat as the batter gets deflated.

Sprinkle the flour

13. Add the rest of the flour & mix until combined.


14. It is normal for the batter to deflate little after incorporating the flour. Over mixing at this stage will not make the cake spongy.

incorporating the flour into wet ingredients

How to make chocolate sponge cake

15. I transferred to two 6 inch greased & lined pans. You can also make one 6 inch cake. I wanted to make black forest layers without cutting the cake so I made 2 thin cakes.

6 inch greased & lined pans

16. Bake for 15 mins if baking in 2 pans. If baking the entire batter in 1 pan, then bake for 20 to 24 mins.

17. When done the cake tester comes out clean. Cool the cake pans on the cooling rack for 15 mins.

Cool the cake pans

18. Do not invert the cake when it is too hot. Allow to cool down and invert on the cooling rack. Cool completely and frost.

cooling rack

I melted chocolate chips in the microwave and frosting the cake. Decorated with some chocolate shavings. It took me about 15 mins for the frosting & decorating.

Slice the cake.

chocolate sponge cake

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Recipe card

chocolate sponge cake recipe

Chocolate sponge cake

Chocolate sponge cake that is super light, fluffy & soft. This cake can be used as a base for black forest cake or any other desserts that call for chocolate sponge. This recipe yields a 6 inch cake.
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For best results follow the step-by-step photos above the recipe card

Prep Time20 minutes
Cook Time20 minutes
Total Time40 minutes
Servings6 people

Ingredients (US cup = 240ml )

Dry ingredients

  • ½ cup all-purpose flour or maida (60 grams)
  • tbsp cocoa (about 15 to 20 grams)
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • 5 tbsp fine sugar

Wet ingredients

  • 2 eggs (at room temperature)
  • 1 egg yolk (at room temperature)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 4 tbsp oil or ¼ cup (I used coconut oil)

Frosting (optional)

  • ½ cup + 2 tbsp semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 chocolate bar (I used milk chocolate)



  • Make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature.
  • Grease & line a 6 inch pan. Alternately grease & dust some cocoa evenly.  Invert the pan to remove excess. To make layers for black forest cake you can also use two 6 inch pans. 
  • Preheat the oven at 170 C for at least 15 mins
  • Sieve together cocoa, flour, baking powder & salt to a mixing bowl. Ensure all of them have mixed well. Set this aside.

Beating eggs & sugar

  • Break 2 whole eggs to a large mixing bowl. Separate 1 egg yolk and add it as well along with sugar.
  • Begin to beat on a low speed to avoid splashes. Then increase the speed to high and beat until frothy.
  • Then pour vanilla & continue to beat until a ribbon consistency is achieved. The eggs turn frothy & foam up. The volume will more than double and will reach a ribbon stage.
  • Lift the whisk & check to find the ribbon consistency. The egg mixture will fall like a ribbon from the whisk when you lift it. If this is not achieved then continue to beat.
  • Pour vanilla. Next keep beating and pour oil in a slow stream to the egg mixture. Beat the mixture on a high speed just until combined. Do not over beat.

Making batter for chocolate sponge cake

  • The flour needs to be added in 3 small batches. Now sprinkle 1/3 of the cocoa & flour to the egg mixture. 
  • Using a whisk gently mix just until partially incorporated. Do not over mix or beat the batter at this stage as it deflates the mixture & can make a flat dense cake.
  • Repeat adding another 1/3 portion of the flour and mix. Finish off by adding the last part. Mix until just combined well. 

How to make chocolate sponge cake

  • Transfer to the prepared pans. Tap the pan to the counter twice.
  • Bake at 170 C for 15 mins if using two 6 inch pans. Bake for 20 to 24 mins if using a single 6 inch pan.
  • When the cake is done a tester inserted comes out clean. Transfer the cake pans to a cooling rack and cool down for 15 mins.
  • Invert on a cooling rack and cool completely.


  • Dust some powdered sugar or make a frosting. This chocolate sponge cake can be used to make black forest cake or just melt some chocolate chips and pour it over the cake. 
  • I melted little over half a cup of choco chips and frosted the cake. Decorated with some chocolate shavings.


This recipe yields a 6 inch cake and serves 6 people. Nutritional values for each slice or piece of cake.

Alternative quantities provided in the recipe card are for 1x only, original recipe.

For best results follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips above the recipe card.

NUTRITION INFO (estimation only)

Nutrition Facts
Chocolate sponge cake
Amount Per Serving
Calories 197 Calories from Fat 99
% Daily Value*
Fat 11g17%
Saturated Fat 1g6%
Cholesterol 87mg29%
Sodium 71mg3%
Potassium 107mg3%
Carbohydrates 19g6%
Fiber 1g4%
Sugar 10g11%
Protein 3g6%
Vitamin A 120IU2%
Calcium 33mg3%
Iron 1.2mg7%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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Chocolate sponge cake

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5 stars
We just love your recipe

Is egg necessary because i am pure vegetarian any subsitutes because there are pure veg cohocolate sponge cake also

I wish to know if there sugar you use is granulated like we normally get from general stores or powdered sugar?

hey swasthi, can you please share the measurement for one kg cake of chocolate sponge cake, as you have used 1/2 cup of maida. I am looking for a kg measutments. how to double up the recipe?

5 stars
Wow is just the word. My cake turned so gud after so long. I have been trying so many recipes n all in vain. This one was simple yet delicious. Thank you.

Hi swasthi
Tried your recipe and turned out well.
I am planning to make Black Forest cake with this and i have only one tin 6 inch diameter and 2.5 height so can i store the cake mix till the first batch bakes or do it separately.

Hi Swathi,
Hope you are doing good.
Your recipe presentation n step by step guide is very neat and anyone can follow it without a trouble.. Hat’s off to you for your efforts.
Please let me know can I prepare chocolate sponge cake without hand mixer? I dnt have it, I have just whisker we ll beat eggs with that know that one..

Thank you

What is the weight of this cake? Is it a 1kg cake ?

It is not clear on this 6” chocolate cake recipe if the nutritional info is for how big a slice?? I need to know how many slices you got so each has your listed amount of 197 kcal, 19 carbs, 3 protein, and 11 fat. So essentially you didn’t seem to list the SERVING SIZE. Can you clary? Thank you!

5 stars
Hi Swasthi,

I like cooking and I recently came across your website. I would really like to appreciate you for the commendable work. I can understand the amount of hard work involved in taking step by step photographs, making a video and writing the recipes in detail. It becomes so convenient and easy to follow. The introductory photograph of the dish looks so mouth-watering that it motivates the viewer to explore more and more! Hats off to you!

Thanking you for sharing your skills and guiding everyone online!


5 stars
hi, I am regular visite your site. Every weekend i peek up your new recipe. I tried new recipes, sometimes it is very good, but some time wast of my ingrediency. But lots of enjoyed.