Barfi recipes | Burfi | Collection of 18 burfi or barfi recipes

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Barfi recipes – Collection of 18 burfi recipes. Barfi or burfi is a basic fudge from Indian cuisine that is made using full fat milk, sugar and ghee. Traditionally it was made by condensing milk for several hours, later sweetened and cooked until a thick consistency was reached. It was then pressed down in a tray, garnished with nuts and cut to squares or rectangles.

Barfi recipes

Based on the traditional method, many kinds of barfi are made in these modern days. Ingredients like khoya/mawa, condensed milk, milk powder, coconut and even flour are used as an alternate to condensing milk for hours.

I have shared several barfi recipes on the blog in the past. I have compiled all of them here in this post just for quick access.

18 burfi recipes or barfi recipes

Rava burfi – Simple sweet made using semolina, coconut, sugar, ghee, flour and milk. This recipe needs no sting consistency so simple to follow.

Rava burfi

Coconut barfi traditional method and quick method – Coconut barfi is one of the most delicious and quick to make sweet. In this post I have shared 2 recipes. The first recipe does not use milk and is just done with sugar and some nuts. The second recipe uses condensed milk and can just be made under 10 mins.

coconut barfi recipes

Coconut barfi using khoya – Coconut burfi can also be made with desiccated coconut, mawa or khoya and sugar. Extremely delicious and rich in taste, these make a great treat for any occasion – festivals or celebrations.

coconut burfi recipes

Chocolate barfi is made with mawa, sugar and cocoa powder. These double decker choco treat can be made under just 25 mins. These will be loved by most kids and will be a great treat during kids’ parties and celebrations.

Chocolate barfi

Seven / 7 cups barfi is another south Indian traditional recipe made with chickpea flour, sugar, ghee and coconut. However this can also be made with plain flour or maida.

7 cups barfi

Anjeer barfi is made using dried figs, dates and nuts. There is no added sugar in this and is a healthy snack for all age groups.

anjeer barfi

Mysore pak – South Indian most popular barfi recipe made with ghee, sugar and besan

Mysore pak

Plain barfi using mawa: 2 ingredient khoya burfi made in minutes for those busy days.

khoya burfi

Kalakand – milk burfi – A short cut method to making the traditional kalakand is by using paneer and condensed milk. I have shared a simple and quick recipe to make kalakand in this post.

Kalakand – milk burfi

Kaju katli / kaju barfi – One of the most popular burfi made using cashews and sugar. These are most made during festivals like Diwali, holi etc.

Kaju katli or kaju barfi 

Almond katli or badam burfi is another similar one like the kaju katli. Kaju is replaced with badam.

Almond katli or badam burfi

Jaggery almond burfi – Burfi is usually made with sugar but this recipe uses unrefined sweetener – jaggery. It can also be made with coconut palm sugar or palm jaggery.

jaggery almond burfi

Gajar kalakand – Another unique tasting dessert that has the taste and flavors of gajar ka halwa and kalakand.

gajar ka halwa

Dates mawa burfi – Healthy and delicious dates mawa burfi. There is no sugar used in this recipe and just takes 10 mins to prepare.

dates mawa burfi

Walnut barfi

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