Mushroom Recipes

Mushroom Recipes

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Mushroom recipes – Collection of 20 easy, simple and delicious Indian mushroom recipes. Mushrooms are fungi that are categorized as a vegetable. They are cholesterol free, fat free and low in calories and sodium. Mushrooms are widely consumed due to their good nutritional profile and at times even used for medicinal purposes to treat various ailments.

Indian Mushroom Recipes

They are a good source of protein, vitamin C, folate, Iron, fiber, Zinc, potassium and many more nutrients. Mushrooms are the only kind of plant food with vitamin D. When they are exposed to sun light, a small amount of vitamin D is synthesized in them.

There are a few hundred kinds of mushrooms that grow across the world, not all are edible and some can cause severe toxic effect on humans. Though a proper preparation of these mushrooms can remove or reduce the toxins to a wide extent, many are still not consumed.

White mushrooms also known as button mushrooms one of the most commonly eaten variety. They are mildly flavored and hence go well in most recipes. They are available in small to very large size and can also be used to stuff them.

Recipes shared here are made mostly using button mushrooms. Shiitake, portobello, oyster and cremini are some of the most commonly eaten varieties. I have complied here the recipes shared earlier on the blog for easy access.

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Garlic Mushrooms Recipe | Spicy Dry Mushrooms
Mushrooms sauteed in homemade Indian style hot chilli garlic sauce. Serve garlic mushrooms just with any thing – rice, bread, noodles or even as a starter.
complete recipe

Mushroom Recipes – Gravy / curries

Kadai mushroom gravy – Delicious, hot and spicy restaurant style mushroom curry made with fresh ground spices in onion tomato gravy. This is best served with plain rice, roti or plain paratha.

Mushroom masala gravy – Indian style gravy recipe to pair with rice, jeera rice, plain paratha or roti. This dish has a nutty aroma and taste that comes from the simple roasted masalas. I have shared 2 recipes in this post.

mushroom masala gravy

Potato mushroom gravy made with simple & basic ingredients. Potatoes and mushrooms are one of the best combinations especially in a gravy. Cooked potatoes in the dish thickens the curry and makes it taste delicious.

Mushroom kurma recipe – Kurma or korma is a dish usually made of nuts, curd or seeds. This south Indian kurma curry pairs very well with roti, biryani or pulao. You can also make this in combination with potato and green peas.

mushroom korma

Dry Mushroom Recipes

Kadai mushroom is another dry curry recipe made with fresh ground kadai masala. It is very simple to make and can be prepared just in 20 mins.

kadai mushroom dry

Mushroom pepper fry is a unique dish made with curry leaves, bell pepper, fresh ground pepper and fennel seeds. This is great to have during monsoons with plain rice and ghee. You can also skip bell pepper in the recipe.

mushroom pepper fry

Matar mushroom is another popular combinations one can find on the restaurant menus. This is a dry dish made with green peas in a curry base. It can be served with rice, bread or roti.

matar mushroom recipe

Mushroom fry – Simple andhra style spicy curry made with very few ingredients. Slow cooking on a low flame and caramelizing the onions is the key to this aromatic, hot and spicy curry.

mushroom curry recipe

Snacks & Appetizers – mushroom recipes

Mushroom Tikka : These tandoori mushrooms are super delicious, easy to make and healthy. Make these in an oven or air fryer for a party snack or to serve as an appetizer.

mushroom tikka

Chinese mushroom manchurian is a popular starter from the Indochinese cuisine. To make this mushrooms are batter fried until crisp then added to the freshly prepared yummy manchurian sauce. It tastes slightly hot, sweet and sour. This dish is good to serve as an appetizer or a side with some noodles or rice.

Hot Garlic Mushrooms – If you crave for a hot and spicy dish, this is a must try. Very flavorful and delicious dish. It can be served with roti, rice, in wraps or sandwiches.

garlic mushroom recipe

Mushroom omelette – Mushrooms in egg omelette taste very delicious and can be made for a quick breakfast or evening snack. It goes well with even as a side with rice, roti or noodles.

mushroom omelet recipe

Chilli mushrooms stir fry – A simple home style Indo Chinese quick chilli stir fry. It can be served as a starter or with Noodles and Fried rice.

chilli mushroom stir fry

Hot garlic mushroom sandwich – Sandwiches made with hot garlic spice and veggies. Makes a great meal with some soup.

mushroom sandwich

Mushroom recipes – rice, pasta & soup

Easy mushroom biryani – One pot rice biryani that’s very flavorful and delicious.

mushroom biryani

Mushrooms pasta – Mushrooms in basic tomato pasta. A good dish for a meal and goes well with any bread toast or soup.

spaghetti recipe with mushrooms

Clear Soup Recipe with Mushrooms: This delicious and healthy clear soup with mushrooms is a burst of flavors. Make it when you have plenty of veggies to use up. This recipe shows you how to make a veggie stock first and then the stock is furthered simmered with sauteed mushrooms for flavor.

Mushroom fried rice – A quick rice recipe for a quick meal.

mushroom fried rice recipe
Mushroom Recipes

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