Navratri recipes

Navratri Recipes (Prasadam Recipes)

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Navratri Recipes, a collection of 50+ south Indian Navaratri Prasadam Recipes and some snacks recipes to make during this festive season. Navratri is a Hindu festival that is celebrated for 9 nights and 10 days. During this time Goddess DURGA or SHAKTI is worshiped in 9 different forms known as NAVADURGA. It is believed that worshiping the Godess during this period also called as shardiya navratri brings in prosperity, wealth and wisdom to her devotees and destroys the evil. The 10th day is celebrated as “VIJAYADASHAMI” also known as “DUSSEHRA” or “DASARA”, a day of victory of the good over the evil.

Navratri Recipes

This year navratri is celebrated from 26th September to 5th October 2022. Vijayadashami is celebrated on 5th October 2022.

Each state has their own way of celebrating Navratri, Offering different kinds of foods to the Goddess, fasting , decorating golu/kolu/koluvu , inviting friends and relatives is a part of the 10 day festival celebrations.

The fasting that we ever did at my mum’s home was to consume 1 to 2 cups of milk or fruits during the day abstaining from all other foods and break the fast after the evening puja, with a meal that was offered to the Goddess as naivedyam or prasadam.

As a family tradition, Devi Bhagavata puranam was recited with much devotion during the 9 days and late in the nights. Special naivedyam foods are prepared to please the Goddess Durga and it is also a way of expressing our devotion.

I have compiled some common South Indian navaratri recipes which includes Andhra recipes that are offered to the goddess as navratri naivedyam or prasadam during these 9 days. However these could differ from each family , community or region. I have also included some snacks that can be made during these 10 days.

Some people do not use sabudana or sago for naivedyam as they are processed heavily. I have used them for making payasam recipes in the past which are included in the list below, if you have a tradition of not using them, just skip it from the recipe.

Navratri naivedyam

Sweet pongal, ven pongal, rice payasam (made with cow’s milk & jaggery), curd rice (daddojanam), kesari, medhu vada / garelu, poornam burelu, black chana sundal, panakam, vadapappu and chalimidi are mainly offered to Goddess Durga during these 9 days as naivedyam.

Chilies, ginger & garlic are not used in any of the foods. Pepper corn can be used in vada, ven pongal and curd rice. These depends on family customs and beliefs. Please check with your family for the same.

Navratri recipes

Pongal, payasam, panakam, kesari varieties

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Sundal – guggilu and ladoo recipes

For the peanut ladoo, i have used cornflakes, replace it with poha or skip it.

Snacks – deep fried food recipes

We  don’t use green chili, onions and garlic for naivedyam foods. If you make mixed dal vada and alasanda vada, use your judgement whether to use or no..You can skip them from the recipes

Kudumulu chalimidi recipes

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I don’t always get to try out the new recipes, but I really appreciate all the information along with the recipes that you post. Your site educates me and helps me appreciate the Indian cultures. I thank you for providing such delicious recipes and for teaching me so much. Happy Vijayadashmi.

Hi ma’am , I’ve been referring to your recipe to serve god for this navarathiri and it gave me a wonderful outcome. I really appreciate that you could help beginner like me to cook very well . Thank you so much sister. May god bless you and your entire family.

Hi There,
I made your pickle recipe, and it was delicious and steadily improved over a couple of months. However, now after about 4 months the remaining pickle in the jar, (about 2 kilos), is covered by a black hairy mould. Can i remove this mould and still eat the pickle, or must i throw it all away. Jar is airtight and would hold about 4 litres.
Your recipes are great, and easy to make. The only problem, here in the philippines, is the extreme difficulty in obtaining ingredients. I have been living here for 11 years and find all the local pilipino food to be very horrible. I wish that i had retired to India, which i have visited several times, mainly Karnataka, Maharastra and Goa. Wonderful people, food, country and history.
Kind regards, Graeme Chick.

very nice recipes

Hi, I’m a Sri Lankan Sinhalese and married to a tamilian. I have become a big follower of your recipes and thank you very much for sharing them with us. God Bless You!!!

Pls advise what is 2nd day until 9th day the foods we supply on navarathiri days a

Great information. Thanks for sharing.

No information about prasadam

I was just searching for Indian food in google and I got your website,I have recently visited kerala and had payasam its just amazing yet I’ve not tried at home I’ll give a try. once.

Good and thanks amma

Can you please explain how to make PANAGAM with banana and jagry pleaseeee…

the rescipes r awsome n i will try them when making prasadam n also the ones i made came out nice


Wanted detaileinformation okinformation