22 Dosa varieties, South Indian dosa varieties for breakfast

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22 Dosa varieties. – Dosa or dosai or dose is one of the most regularly consumed crepes in South India. These are made in so many ways, each differ in proportions of lentils, rice and beaten rice used. While they were made using only rice in the olden days, soon people began to use black gram dal/ urad dal which was widely and easily grown in the dry lands of south India.

dosa varieties

To make most dosa varieties, rice and lentils are soaked for about 4 to 6 hours. Then ground with water to make a thick batter and fermented. This fermentation enhances the nutrition and lends an airy structure to the batter making end product porous and tasty.

The batter is then spreaded to a thin crepe on a hot seasoned griddle and cooked for short time. Since these are cooked only for short time, typically less than 2 to 3 minutes most nutrients are preserved.

With the advent of restaurants serving a dosa varieties they became very popular since they tasted addictively delicious. Various versions like masala dosa, set dosa, benne dosa, neer dosa, egg dosa, chicken dosa, schezwan masala and many such came into existence.

The most commonly made in most homes is the plain dosa also called as sada or khali dose as we call it at home. I have shared few recipes on this blog which I usually make at home. Most of these were shared were by my Mom and SIL, hence they are family recipes that we consider are healthy and nutritious with minimum usage of Rice and more lentils.

Most of these can be made for breakfast or a meal and can be paired with any chutney or vegetable curry or tiffin sambar.

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22 Dosa varieties

4 Plain & masala dosa recipes : A complete guide to making perfect crispy delicious and healthy dosas each time. I have shared 4 recipes in this post with various proportions to make sada dosa, crispy homestyle dosas, crispy homestyle dosai with potato masala and one healthy dose.

plain dosa recipes

2 Restaurant style masala & mysore masala dosa recipe : This is a detailed post on how to make restaurant style crispy masala and mysore masala dose that are aromatic and delicious. I have also shared the recipe of potato masala for the stuffing.

mysore masala dosa recipe

Set dosa : Karnataka style soft sponge dosas similar to the one we get in karnataka tiffin hotels. These are made with urad dal, poha and rice. They also go well in school box. These are eaten with chutney or sagu.

set dosa dosai recipes

Pesarattu or moong dosa recipe – A special and unique recipe made of green gram from andhra cuisine. Learn how to make perfect crispy pesarattu at home. This is usually served with upma or with ginger chutney. To make pesarattu, batter needs no fermentation. So it is just soak, blend and use the batter.


Cheese dosa – Street style cheese dosai recipe made with regular batter topped with cheese. To make it spicy you can also smear some chutney, curry or any sauce and then top with cheese.

cheese dosai recipe

Adai dosa – High protein mixed lentil dosas from Tamil cuisine. This can be made for breakfast or a meal. It is served with chutney. Very healthy for growing kids, pregnant women and for everyone.


Neer dosa is a popular dish from mangalorean cuisine and is eaten not only for breakfast but also for a meal. These are enjoyed with chutney or any gravy. These are made with just 3 ingredients rice, salt and water. To make these, batter needs no fermentation.

Neer dosa

More dosa varieties

Whole wheat or atta dosa – Instant crisp atta dosas made with whole wheat flour. These are very quick to make under 15 minutes and can be served for breakfast, dinner or lunch. Serve wit with any chutney, curry or gravy.

atta dosa recipe

Bajra / millet dosai – Crispy, healthy and delicious dosai that is made with pearl millet known as Bajra in Hindi, kambu in tamil, sajjalu in telugu. These can be enjoyed anytime of the day, not only for breakfast but also for a meal. These also go well in the tiffin or lunch box.

Bajra or millet

Egg dosai – One of the popular street foods of Tamilnadu known as mutta dosai. This is on the heavier side and is apt to enjoy it for a meal. To make this you can use any dosai batter, then top with egg and other ingredients.

egg dosa breakfast

Oats dosa – One of the healthiest ways to consume oats. Make this any time just under 25 minutes. These turns out to be delicious & crisp.

Oats dosa

Masala oats dosa – Delicious potato masala inside oats dosas. This would be great to enjoy as a lunch or dinner.

Instant moong dal dosa – Delicious, healthy, crispy and protein rich breakfast or brunch recipe. These are a cheats version of the andhra pesarattu. When you don’t have enough time to soak the greem gram, you can make these instant pesarattu using skinned and split green gram.

instant pesarratu recipe

More varieties

Ragi dosa – made with finger millet or red millet flour. Ragi is one of the widely used gluten free grain from India. High in iron and absorbable calcium these are a great addition to your menu.


If you have left over dosai batter, you can just add some ragi flour to make these dosas. Healthy and delicious, these are good to enjoy for lunch or evening snack.

Jowar dosa – Healthy thin and crisp dosas made with whole jowar or and urad dal. These are high in calcium and most other nutrients. These can also be served for dinner along with a chutney, sambar or curry.

Jowar dosa

Chana dosa – Thin crepes made of soaked white chickpeas or kabuli channa. These are a great breakfast for those who are diabetic. These are good even for kids as they are high in protein.

Chana dosa

Instant oats green gram dosa – These are protein packed and yet healthy with all the goodness of oats in them.

Instant oats green gram dosa

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