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Kids Lunch Box Ideas

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Kids lunch box ideas, Indian vegetarian recipes for kids. Finding ideas for kids lunch box or snack is one of the challenging tasks for many mums, especially if the kids are fussy or demanding. As mums we are more interested to load their boxes with nutrition and want to make it interesting for the kids. I have a complete collection of recipes for kids that are good for lunch box, snack and even dinner too. These recipes have been tried for my kids and the ones liked by them are here on this page.

kids lunch box recipes

I do not pack anything that has been prepared with egg or meat, since the food is stored for several hours before consumption. Egg and meat are supposed to be eaten within 2 hours of preparing. I have put together some of my recipes that are good for lunch boxes, all these are mostly Indian that can be made in less than an hour.

I personally do not prefer pasta and noodles in kids’ school box. Since I had a many readers requests for the same, I have included some simple pasta and noodles recipes that are healthy as well quick to make in the morning rush hours.

Kids are different some like to eat only rice based dishes as they are lazy to chew roti /chapathi or bread and they feel rice can be finished faster. While some like to eat only finger foods like roti or roti rolls or sandwiches. After a short survey talking to other mums, I have understood that most kids love to munch on some finger foods like roti rolls, sandwich or burgers, so that they could rush to play in the leisure .

Here is the collection of 80+ delicious healthy snacks recipes for kids snack box or after school.

You can also check this complete collection of recipes for kids.

Kids Lunch Box Ideas – pasta, paratha, bread sandwich recipes

These are not stuffed parathas and are easy to make. Some of them do not need much kneading and soaking time too, yet they turn out to be mouth melting. These parathas do not need any side dish, but if you wish to include more veggies, you can use these to roll up some steamed or sauteed veggies. A chutney or salad too makes a good side for these. I have also included some bread sandwich recipes which are liked by kids.

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

aglio olio
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio recipe under 30 mins, made with pantry staples – spaghetti, oil, garlic and red chili flakes ...

Red Sauce Pasta (Red Pasta Recipe)

red sauce pasta
Make delicious and easy Red Sauce Pasta under 30 minutes. Made with pantry staple like fusilli, tomatoes, onions, spices and ...

Kathi Roll Recipe

kathi roll recipe
Make delicious & wholesome Kathi Rolls with my easy recipe. Chewy, tender, spicy, and tangy with a hint of crunch ...

Veg Wraps Recipe | How to make Vegetable Wraps | Roti wraps

Veg Wraps Recipe | How to make Vegetable Wraps | Roti wraps
Veg wraps recipe - Kids friendly vegetable wraps using whole wheat roti. Wraps are a favorite at home and are ...

Paratha Recipe

paratha served with chutney and vegetables
Paratha Recipe - A detailed beginner’s guide to make perfect, flaky & soft parathas every time! Homemade parathas are delicious, ...

Veg Noodles Recipe (Vegetable Noodles)

Veg noodles aka vegetable noodles served in a blue bowl
Veg noodles aka Vegetable noodles is an easy to make Indo-Chinese dish that serves as a quick dinner or meal ...

Palak Paratha (Spinach Paratha)

palak paratha
Palak Paratha are Indian flatbreads made with whole wheat flour, spinach and spices. ‘Palak’ is the Hindi word for ‘spinach’ ...

Masala Pasta Recipe (Indian Style Pasta)

masala pasta
Say Hello to Masala Pasta! Italian Pasta meets the Indian Masala to create a delicious & amazing Indo-Italian dish, “Masala ...

Methi Paratha Recipe (Methi Roti)

methi paratha
Methi Paratha are Indian flatbreads made with whole wheat flour, spices and fenugreek leaves aka methi leaves. These healthy, delicious ...

Lauki Paratha (Bottle Gourd Paratha)

Lauki Paratha - Bottle Gourd Paratha
Lauki Paratha are delicious North Indian flatbreads made with whole wheat flour (atta), bottle gourd, spices and fresh herbs. Lauki ...

Paneer Paratha Recipe (Plain Layered & Stuffed)

paneer paratha
Make 2 kinds of Paneer Paratha – with stuffing (3 ways to stuff & roll) and without stuffing (plain but ...

Veg Burger Recipe (Veggie Burger)

veggie burger recipe
Veg Burger recipe – Learn to make Veggie Burger at home with my easy step-by-step recipe guide. This is the ultimate Veggie Burger ...

Chocolate Sandwich

chocolate sandwich
These chocolate sandwiches are crisp, sweet, chocolatey, nutty and fun for a special breakfast or a dessert snack. They are ...

Potato Sandwich Recipe (Aloo Sandwich)

potato sandwich
Potato Sandwich makes for a quick, easy and delicious breakfast & snack. In this post I share 2 ways to ...

Paneer Sandwich Recipe (3 Variations)

paneer sandwich
Paneer Sandwich is a quick, delicious and protein-packed Indian sandwich made with crumbled paneer (Indian cheese), spices, veggies, herbs and ...

Pav Bhaji Recipe (Mumbai Street Style)

Pav bhaji made with mixed vegetables, spices and butter
Pav Bhaji is a flavorsome and hearty meal that has a delicious blend of spicy mixed vegetables, served alongside soft ...

Lunch Box ideas for kids – rice recipes

You can pack these either with a salad or some healthy baked chips or a stir fried vegetable to make it interesting. You can also check these 75 rice recipes for better choice. Below is the list of recipes that have been liked by my friend’s kids, readers’ kids’ and my kids for lunch box.

All the fried rice recipes can be made without using soya sauce. Just skip them in the recipe. Use a good quality vinegar. Limit the use of soya sauce for kids. It is a hormone disruptor and is not good to use often. If using, use naturally brewed or organic soya sauce. Kikkoman is one of the popular brands of naturally brewed soya sauce available in India as well. Avoid the use of sauces with added msg, colors or preservatives in E series.

Peanut Rice Recipe

Peanut Rice Recipe
Peanut Rice Recipe - Simple, aromatic and delicious rice made in South Indian style with roasted and ground peanuts. This ...

Peas Pulao | Matar Pulao Recipe

peas pulao also known as matar pulao
Peas Pulao also known as Matar Pulao is a classic Indian rice pilaf made with basmati rice, whole spices, herbs ...

Corn Fried Rice Recipe

Corn rice
Corn Rice! Sweet corn kernels in fried rice? I say why not! Though few people would refuse a plate of ...

Potato Rice (Aloo Rice)

Potato Rice - Aloo Rice
As the name says Potato Rice is a stir fried dish of rice, diced potatoes, spices and herbs. It is ...

Palak Rice Recipe (Spinach Rice)

palak rice spinach rice
Palak Rice Pulao is Indian style Spinach Rice made with basmati rice, fresh spinach, spices and herbs. This iron-rich dish ...

Curry Leaves Powder (Karivepaku Podi)

curry leaves powder
Curry Leaves Powder also known as Karivepaku Podi is a traditional condiment from Andhra Cuisine. Made with fresh curry leaves, ...

Pulao Recipe | Vegetable Pulao

pulao veg pulao
Pulao Recipe with stovetop & instant pot instructions. Veg Pulao also known as Vegetable Pulao is a basic Indian style ...

Carrot Rice Recipe (Indian Style)

carrot rice recipe made with cooked rice, spices, herbs and carrots
Carrot Rice is a delicious, healthy and flavor-packed meal made with basmati rice, fresh carrots, spices and herbs. Make this ...

Methi Rice (Methi Leaves Rice)

methi rice
Methi Rice is an Indian Rice Recipe made with methi leaves, green peas, spices and rice. Flavorful, delicious, healthy and ...

Beetroot Rice Pulao

beetroot rice
Beetroot rice is a delicious and healthy one pot rice recipe made with beetroot, basmati rice, spices and herbs. This ...

Jeera Rice Recipe (Cumin Rice)

jeera rice
Fluffy Jeera Rice that will elevate any meal! This Jeera Rice is a quick way to add flavor and texture ...

Mushroom Fried Rice

Mushroom fried rice
Mushroom Fried Rice Recipe - Aromatic, fluffy and delicious Fried rice always gets the thumps up from hungry foodies. This ...

Cabbage Rice (Cabbage Fried Rice)

cabbage Fried Rice
This Cabbage Rice aka Cabbage Fried rice is packed with flavor, tastes delicious and is quick to make if you ...

Paneer pulao recipe (Paneer rice)

paneer pulao
Paneer pulao recipe - Easy and healthy Paneer pulao that goes good in lunch box or as a quick dinner ...

Biryani Rice Recipe (Kuska Rice)

biryani rice also known as kuska
Biryani Rice is a popular Indian rice dish made with basmati rice & biryani essentials like spices, herbs, yogurt and ...

Veg Biryani | Vegetable Biryani

Veg biryani - Vegetable biryani
Veg Biryani recipe with pot, pressure cooker & Instant pot options. Vegetable Biryani is an aromatic rice dish made with ...

Capsicum Rice Recipe

capsicum rice
Capsicum rice recipe with stovetop & instant pot instructions. Rice dishes never get old. Definitely not given the sheer number ...

Tomato Bath Recipe

tomato bath
Tomato Bath is an aromatic, tasty and spicy one pot rice meal cooked with tomatoes, coconut, peas, herbs and spices ...

Pudina Rice (Mint Rice)

pudina rice
Pudina Rice is a one pot delicious, healthy and fragrant Indian dish made with rice, mint leaves and spices. ‘Pudina’ ...

Lemon Rice Recipe

Lemon Rice made in Indian style
Lemon Rice recipe under 10 mins!! Yes, making this amazingly delicious & refreshing Lemon Rice is very fast if you ...

Coconut Rice Recipe

coconut rice
Coconut Rice is an easy and flavorful Asian rice dish made with fresh grated coconut, tempering spices, curry leaves and ...

Tawa Pulao Recipe

tawa pulao made with rice, vegetables and spices
Tawa pulao is a popular street food from Mumbai, India. Made with rice, vegetables, ground spices and herbs, tawa pulao ...

Coconut Milk Rice Recipe

coconut milk rice
Coconut Milk Rice is a one pot traditional rice pilaf made with fragrant rice, aromatic spices and coconut milk. This ...

Ghee Rice Recipe

ghee rice
Ghee Rice is a classic and super aromatic South Indian meal made with rice, Ghee, whole spices, onions, cashews and ...

Kashmiri Pulao Recipe

kashmiri pulao
Kashmiri Pulao, a simple vegetarian dish made with fragrant basmati rice, spices, onions, nuts, dry fruits and fresh fruits. Treat ...

Coconut Milk Pulao

coconut milk pulao
Coconut Milk Pulao is a delicious one pot rice dish made with rice, coconut milk, spices, herbs and mixed vegetables ...

Methi Pulao Recipe

methi pulao is rice pilaf cooked with fenugreek leaves
Methi Pulao is a simple one pot Indian pilaf made with rice, fresh fenugreek leaves, whole spices and herbs. Methi ...

Paneer fried rice

paneer fried rice
Paneer fried rice is an Indian-Chinese fried rice variety made with rice, paneer (Indian cottage cheese), mixed vegetables, spices and ...

Pineapple Rice

pineapple fried rice
This Pineapple Rice is the simplest fruity savory rice dish you can make under 15 mins if you have the ...

Veg Fried Rice Recipe (Vegetable Fried Rice)

fried rice
Veg Fried Rice recipe with easy steps for beginners. Fried Rice is a delicious meal in itself, loaded with fresh ...

Soya Chunks Biryani | Meal Maker Biryani

soya chunks biryani
Soya chunks biryani is a unique, nutritious take on the traditional biryani. This flavorful and delicious rich dish, also known ...

Vangi Bath Recipe with Homemade Powder

vangi bath recipe
Vangi bath recipe with homemade vangi bath powder. Vangi bath is a popular rice dish from Karnataka cuisine. The term ...

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Please create a cookbook! I would easily pay to download a PDF recipe book by you for your Indian restaurant version recipes and quick Indian meals for families or lunches for kids.
As I’ve been cooking your recipes for years now, I would love to contribute this way and am.sure many others would as well.
Many thanks!!

Excellent tips & recipes for lunch boxes. I am always tensed what to prepare for my 5 year old for his lunch box considering he is a very fussy eater. Your useful suggestions are very helpful.

Dear Swasthi, whenever I cook you recipes it never goes wrong and get praises. All thanks to you.

I have try the corn pula it’s
Taste very nice than you

I need lunch box recipes that can be eaten cold/normal temperature.
Please reply.

very nice recipes!

Hello i m hetal soni from gujarat, anand. i want lunch box receipe for my kids in school. My kids are like some items. they dont each & every items made at home. so, please share receipe with me.

Nice kid friendly recipes swasthi. Cd u suggest some chutneys or dips that can be sent along with parathas in kids lunch boxes as they usually don’t have thapatience to eat the parathas with subzi

Super. ..very helpfull n healthy

Thanks.i want to do receipes for my child .she is not eating lunch box daily.

do you have wraps for children which r healthy.

Good collection. Good Information. Great work. Keep it up.
Was very useful. My wife and kids liked these recipes.

Very useful recipe …. Very easy to prepare. yammy

Very useful recipe …. Very easy to prepare.

Really helpful….while I was reading itself ,got interest to prepare the food immediately,,,healthy and tasty

what an amazing range of recipes to select from. Its just wow.
Is there an egg and paneer combination in curry or fried rice (as i love both).
In south India, I see them boil the paneer, but I love panner kacha, as we get it North Indian restaurants /homes.

I very happy about your receipes……..i try your south indian foods, after taste my foods, my son, my brother, husband, every one happy……. i thank you for your different making knowledge………..

Very nice recipes?????

Tried uar Uddin Vada recipe …shape didnt cum out well bt d taste was good..all my family members luvd it..thanks a ton…

Thanks for so many good recipes my kid lovesmost of these .